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Thank you for your visit. Briefly about me:

I have 20+ years of experience in Data Engineering, Data Analytics, and Data Management. In more flashy terms this would be Big Data, Data Science, or perhaps Data Art? I have been fortunate to combine the perspective of a C-level business executive providing services for Global 500 businesses, an employee of a government lab and a university teacher. I wrote one book. I would love to tag myself as an expert. But knowing how much I should still study to become one, I like to say that I am a learner.

One of my recent projects is the Big Data in 30 hours class I have prepared and I am teaching. The class is designed for technical audience and covers most important aspects of Data Literacy, Data Engineering and Data Science.

OnData.blog is … my blog on data, you guessed it. Here I am sharing random stuff resulting from my work that one day might become useful to someone. There isn’t a general purpose. Think of it as a record of my work, which starts fresh in 2018. My previous blog Big Data Matters has been active for a decade. However, having stepped down from upper management role in my old company, I decided to take down those old posts respecting the IPR considerations.

I am always interested in new challenges, projects, and inspirations. I also enjoy public speaking opportunities if only I can become useful. If anything here interested you or simply feel like contacting me, please do. Drop me a line at pp [at] altanova.pl, or through linkedin below. I am looking forward to this.

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    1. Thanks for asking. No, we have not been recording the sessions. Taking aside the fact that it’s currently work-in-progress, as I’ve been adding material on the fly as the lectures progress, there is reason to not put the lectures online. As a matter of fact, much of the Data Engineering/Data Science material is already available online elsewhere (such as basic BI, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Scikit-learn, Keras tutorials). I suppose the difficulty for a remote learner lies not in the absence of online tutorials, but just the opposite, in the overwhelming quantity of those. Therefore instead of adding yet another similar resource, here I’d prefer to create a step-by-step guide helping you move forward and keep your study on target, using what’s already available elsewhere. I realize it’s not fully organized yet. Will do my best to improve with cleaning and organizing stuff. Critical comments are most welcome. This one is certainly much apppreciated, thank you.

  1. Hello, my name is Amos Bunde and I am from Kenya. I am a data scientist in the making. Your materials look detailed and here I mostly do the training online.
    Please help me register for the course 30hrs.

    1. hello Amos, I appreciate your interest. Big Data in 30 Hours is not precisely an online class so there is no online enrollment curently. I am teaching the class for various clients (most lately Krakow University of Technology), which means I travel onsite to be present physically. I am happy to teach locally worldwide if invited. However, I am also putting a lot of the materials online so hopefully the more motivated remote users can also benefit from that. Additionally, there is project discussion group at linkedin, where you can become a member and discuss with others. The links to the online material and to the discussion board are here, enjoy! http://ondata.blog/big-data-in-30-hours/

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