[ Note: The content of this page, created in 2017, is a bit dated now. It is kept here for historical reasons]

I offer consulting and technical assistance in the areas of Big DataData Engineering and Data Science. I am available for on-site and remote assignments worldwide. Some of my references are listed on my Linkedin profile. For technical and strategic consulting, contact me to discuss the individual needs of your organization.

If you are uncertain how to formulate the needs, you might be interested in the orientation classes below.

1. Big Data for ManagersFEATURED CLASS. Understand the big picture how Big Data technologies play together, and how Data Engineering pipelines work with Data Analytics and Data Processing scenarios. After mangement-focused theory intro, you will follow a life demonstration of a simplified end-to-end production data pipeline, connecting services with Kafka, Docker, Amazon AWS and REST. More here. Duration: 2 hours
2. Data Engineering for Data ScientistsIn this hands-on class we will build end-to-end production pipeline, designed for Machine Learning models including the model training phase and model deployment phase. We first create a machine learning model using python, SciKit-Learn, TensorFlow or Keras. Then the model is deployed using Kafka, Docker, Amazon AWS, REST, Apache Spark, HDFS. Details here. 6 hours
3. Big Data in 30 hoursIn this class we cover basic hands-on orientation in the most common Big Data concepts, technologies, formats and databases. The course takes 30 hours, but due to the amount of material, this class should be spread over several months. More here.

The classes follow real scenarios, building an end-to-end system. Below are some of the pipelines we create during the class. This article explains it better.

The classes can be delivered on-site or remotely. The first class is designed for managers, the remaining ones for technical personel with stress on hands-on exercises. We also have a group for the participants (open to all) at Facebook or, if you prefer, LinkedIn. The courses can also be tailored to particular customer needs. Management consulting is available as separate, individual offer. Contact me with any enquiries.